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How Old is Lorna Morgan?

Lorna Morgan is a British actress and model who was born in Cardiff, Wales, on February 13, 1976. Morgan is best recognized for her work in web scenes and videos. Morgan, who was born in Wales, began her career in the audiovisual sector at the age of 25 in 2001, when she conducted her first assignment with the film company ‘Score Group.’ Following that, she worked as an actor for various film studios, the most notable of which were CV Industries and R. Kings. At, you are given a chance of seeing nude Lorna Morgan pictures  and to even enjoy some of her beautiful sexy moves.

Looking at her date of birth, it is clear that Lorna is currently in her late 40s and she is still looking sexy and hot. Regardless of her age, she feels very comfortable doing what she loves the most and that is being a porn actress and model.


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