Prostate Toys play is an increasingly popular way to seek self-pleasure, and as such there has been an explosion of toys designed specifically for this form of stimulation. Finding an appropriate toy for beginners who are trying to figure out their own way can be particularly important; as the prostate can be sensitive, so starting off with something gentle such as a gently curving toy that’s slightly bigger than standard climax toys is best; any anal toy should have an flared base as otherwise it might become lost inside yourself!

LOKI Wave 2 is one of the premier prostate toys. Featuring a round silicone body covered in ABS plastic that is entirely covered in this same material, making the toy soft to touch yet fully waterproof; plus its handle remains outside for easy gripping even when wet! LOKI Wave 2’s 10-vibration patterns and dual motors combine prostate stimulation and perineum stimulation into one toy; you can direct its vibrations with just a tilt of its handle! Plus it comes equipped with an eight hour rechargeable battery!

Butter Wellness Prostate Stimulator Massager is another ideal choice for beginners looking to experience prostate and p-spot play, designed as a teardrop-shaped vibrator toy designed specifically for prostate play. Although smaller than many of its peers on this list, its silky-smooth silicone makes for enjoyable experience for most people and its latex- and phthalate-free construction add durability while remaining soft to play with. Its stiffer build also keeps its shape better over time.

This toy features a textured tip which may provide extra stimulation. Though its not quite as sexy as some of the other prostate toys listed here, its unique surface can still add another element of stimulation during prostate play.

Keep this in mind when shopping for a prostate massager: the vibrations can be extremely strong – some may find this overwhelming; it all comes down to personal taste and preference. A toy described as “rumbly” can also provide great satisfaction for many users.

These amazing prostate massagers will have you on the way to more enjoyable and intense orgasms in no time. Just remember to apply some water-based lube first and read over any instructions for proper use of your new toy! Happy shopping!