There is a very big difference between running a business during high season and low season. This is because, the prices are affected, the profits get either high or low depending on the season and many other things. Therefore, if you want to work in any field, the secret is not just learning about its high season. It is also very important to come up with simple ways of surviving during the low season. One of the most highly affected industry in any country with the high and low seasons is the tourism industry.

Once the tourism industry is affected, many other industries go down including the escort industry. There are many Shanghai escorts who only operate during the high season. During the low season, they are busy looking for their way in other industries. Shanghai escorts are largely affected by the tourism industry and especially when the season is low. A low tourism season means the number of tourists visiting Shanghai which in turn means low season for the escorts. This is because, they can only rely on the local clients who don’t pay them so well and aren’t consistent.

Best times to visit Shanghai

The best time of visiting Shanghai is not an advantage for the tourist industries only but also for escorts. Therefore, if you are planning to work as a Shanghai escort during the high seasons, below are the best seasons to do so.

  • April to May

There is a beautiful blossom that is welcomed by Spring in the City’s Park. During this time, the city can be said to be in its prime weather-wise. The daytime temperatures range between 60s and 70s. Just as the hotel rates go up very fast, the escorts charges also rise drastically. This means, working as a Shanghai escort during this time works perfectly well for you.

  • June to September

This can be said to be the peak of travel season. Summer will shower in crowds which also means higher room rates. The temperatures get up to 80s and there are some downpours. This makes the city muggy and unappealing in a very fast way. Therefore, you will be a great escort if you choose to run the business at this time.


As a tourist who wishes to save money, October to November might be the best time to visit Shanghai. However, working as Shanghai escorts and being successful in the business would only be better during the above two seasons.