Regardless of whether the intimate industry is legal in the country or the government is trying to fight it, a sex tourist will find an option for adult leisure. After all, there are available and cooperative girls in any country, just somewhere they get acquainted on the streets, and somewhere you need to search carefully in certain places. But there are a few countries where call girls work openly and freely, and travelers enjoy their company without looking at law enforcement.

5th place – Argentine prostitutes

The Argentine ero-segment is developing by leaps and bounds, so even a selective customer will find a prostitute to his taste here. The country abounds with agreeable beauties with different types of appearance and a wide range of intimate skills, and the price range is so wide that it will suit every client. For example, the site Pander publishes Buenos Aires prostitutes from the budget category, as well as elite beauties VIP-segment, guys prostitutes and representatives of non-traditional orientations. Also a good place for rent will prompt all-knowing cab drivers, who for a few extra bills will take you to a proven individual or a reliable intimate salon.

4th place – Kenya’s prostitutes

There are no official prostitutes in Kenya, so you should not look for call girls directly. However, in every bar, club and even hotel a lot of dark-skinned beauties will gladly respond to the courtship of a white foreigner – here it is prestigious and status. Just 2-3 cocktails, and Kenya will agree to seclude themselves in the room, but after a date it is customary to give a girl “for a cab. It is also possible to agree on permanent intimate relations and accompaniment for a small fee – the girl will become a companion and partner not only in bed, but also during walks and recreation.

3rd place – Indian sex services

Although India is noticeably behind Thailand in the field of commercial sex, there are also unusual entertainments for the avid sex tourist. This destination is more often chosen by young women, as Indians hungry for the attention of the opposite sex are ready to please tourists for a minimal fee or even for free. But men in the birthplace of the Kama Sutra will not be bored, because there are neighborhoods and streets that are dedicated to intimate services. For example, New Delhi has its own analog of the Red Light Street, where both professional brothels and experienced indviduals work.

2nd place – Mexican puttanas

Mexico is a country of incessant carnivals and festivals, so the flow of tourists here never runs out. However, after the legalization of prostitution Mexico has become a top destination for sex tourists, because Latin girls are famous for their beauty and passion. The local intimate industry attracts a variety of forms, because in one city state brothels neighbor with private intimate salons, and cheap street girls compete in popularity with elite putanas from escort agencies. Many customers also use internet hookups – dozens of sites like this give access to a huge database of young and available Mexican women.

1st place – Thailand and its prostitutes

A more diverse and accessible intimate industry than in Thailand cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Local prostitutes offer not only the traditional set of intimate services, but also rare practices, unconventional intimate contacts and even amazing erotic performances with the use of various gadgets and devices. The country is also tolerant towards LGBT representatives, so representatives of all orientations and genders will have an equally bright rest here.